A Brief Biography

Philip StarkmanFor over 40 years I’ve worked with individuals, couples and groups facing a full range of the many challenges that life presents such as: depression, anxiety, grief, addiction, couple conflicts, all manner of traumas etc. My clientele includes people from all walks of life, ages, sexual preferences, ethnic and religious backgrounds. In addition, I provide consultation and counselling to those optimizing their talents and abilities. I see clients as social, physical, intellectual and spiritual beings, thus all of these areas are potentially addressed in our work together.

Because of the many years spent in Asian monasteries and ashrams and years of teaching a variety of meditation techniques, including Mindfulness and Loving Kindness, Mindfulness Based Cognitive Therapy has evolved as one of the central therapeutic modalities I use.

I studied, taught and counselled at the University of California; counselled foreign university students; taught various therapeutic modalities to health practitioners; co-created and ran a wellness centre; taught hatha yoga; over a fifteen year period conducted mindfulness workshops at a cancer resource centre; counselled in psychiatric and general hospitals; coached business people, government officials, athletes, musicians, actors, and many in other walks of life. For the past twenty-five years I have been in private practice in Toronto.

A Holistic Psycho-Spiritual Approach 

I utilize a holistic approach that, depending on the needs of the client, might include any of the following:

  • Mindfulness Therapy
  • Cognitive Problem Solving
  • Stress Reduction
  • Loving Kindness Practices
  • Lifestyle Counselling which might include Nutritional Counselling and Exercise
  • EFT – Emotional Freedom Technique
  • Meditation
  • Performance Enhancement Coaching (PEC)
  • Couples Counselling
  • Depression and Anxiety Intervention
  • Spiritual Crisis Counselling
  • Voice Hearing Counselling
  • Transformational Psychological Counselling
  • Pain Management
  • Wellness Counselling
  • Yoga Therapy
  • Breath Work

In 1998, in order to provide guidance in meditation practices such as training in mindfulness (Vipassana), and loving kindness (Metta), I established the registered charity Spring Rain Sangha. Weekly meditation classes were held every Tuesday night.  As well, one day non-residential retreats and three to ten day residential retreats were held in Ontario, British Columbia and Upstate New York. I have since retired from active teaching at Spring Rain Sangha, turning over teaching responsibilities to two highly qualified colleagues/friends.

I am available for telephone and video counselling and warmly welcome your questions about any aspect of my work.

Referrals to appropriate complementary practitioners and medical doctors may be made upon request.

To make an appointment or for more information:
Phone: (416) 710-3505
Email: pstarkman045@gmail.com