Mindfulness MeditationRelaxation Exercises: These exercises help to prepare us for meditation. In order to calm the mind we need to calm the body. In turn, by calming the mind we calm the body. Two breathing techniques (pranayama) are used; both are natural tranquilizers which help to harmonize and balance the subtle energies. Aside from the pranayama, Yog Nidra (progressive relaxation) is used to further deepen relaxation as well as focus the mind.

Samatha (Tranquility Meditation): This meditation promotes a calm, concentrated mind that serves as a springboard for Vipassana (Mindfulness/Insight) meditation practices.

Vipassana (Mindfulness/InsightMeditation): Vipassana strengthens concentration and leads to an awareness of a subtle level of consciousness that eventually allows us to see clearly. In other words, we eventually gain direct insight into our true nature.

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Metta and TonglenMetta: The Buddha taught a system that leads the willing student from a state of constricting loneliness, isolation and deep suffering to an expanded state of integration and happiness beyond conditions.

This liberated joyfulness is attained through the cultivation of the four parts of Metta (Loving Kindness) practice called the Brahma Viharas (Heavenly Abodes or The Four Immeasurables):

1. Immeasurable loving kindness – metta
2. Immeasurable compassion – karuna
3. Immeasurable sympathetic joy – mudita
4. Immeasurable equanimity – upekkha

Tonglen (taking and giving) was formerly a ‘secret’ practice in the Tibetan Buddhist tradition. In the 12th century a highly developed monk by the name of Geshe Chekhawa came upon the verse “May I accept defeat and offer victory to others.” So deeply was he affected by these words that he sought out the greatest living teacher of this ‘Lojong’(training the mind) practice, Geshe Sharawa. Geshe Sharawa quoted two lines from Nagarjuna’s “Precious Garland of Advice for the King” as the source of the teachings:

“May their negative actions ripen upon me and may all my virtues ripen upon them.”

Implicit in these words is a profound humility and compassion. Geshe Chekhawa stayed with his new teacher for twelve years.  Eventually he decided to instruct some lepers in the practice of Lojong, and especially in the part of Lojong called Tonglen. As a result of their efforts in the practice, many of the lepers were cured of their afflictions.

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