Coaching is for those who are not necessarily in need of psychotherapy but wish to enhance the quality of their life (career, home life, relationships, finances, health, well-being, spiritual life, dreams).

Thank goodness we now have clear evidence from current neuroscience that we are all capable of ongoing development regardless of age. If we properly nourish and stimulate it, our brain continues to positively change over our entire life. For example, daily mindfulness meditation practice has been proven to develop the pre-frontal cortex of the brain and as a result greater happiness, joy and equanimity is realized. It has also been clearly demonstrated that proper nutrition and exercise profoundly effect all systems of our body and thus our mind. Another important consideration, found to greatly improve one’s physical and emotional well-being, is the elimination of internal and external toxic influences.


What can be accomplished through our work together:
– Enhance longevity, health and well-being
– Maximize talents, skills, abilities to the fullest potential
– Break out of confining, limiting thought patterns
– Uncover dormant creative talents
– Optimize relationships (intimate, family, friends, work)
– Dissolve blockages
– Expand boundaries
– Spiritual development
– Open new doors
– Explore novel ways of being in the world
– Live life fuller and freer
– And more…


Depending on personal needs, we will together design a program suited to your requirements.

I am available exclusively for telephone and video counselling and warmly welcome your questions about any aspect of my work.

Referrals to appropriate complementary practitioners and medical doctors may be made upon request.

To make an appointment or for more information:
Phone: (416) 710-3505